For want of a nail, a kingdom was lost. This old story captures the spirit of GRC.eComply assists in identifying compliance requirements, informing due dates for such compliances and provides step by step guidance in performing compliance tasks. Convenient access to relevant sections, forms is provided. Tasks can be assigned to team members and monitored across the organisation with easy to use drill-down dashboards.

eComply provides you with a databank of readily available regulatory compliance procedures under key laws. Identify the task at hand, look up the procedure, assign tasks & timelines to the team and follow the procedure for a full and accurate compliance. Complex tasks hence become simple and easy.

The ˜”Anytime-Anywhere” secure access to compliance data and processing is invaluable and releases users from being tied down to specific computers for their compliance tasks.eComply is an advanced cloud computing platform based application and service. It is hosted on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and has secure 128 bit Verisign encryption (similar to that used in credit card transactions). Multiple level access controls, make the site and data thereon safe for the corporate users.

With the “assisted service” facility, eComply also provides your organisation the option to pull in trained resources from the eComply team, to supplement your in-house efforts and ensure complete, accurate and timely compliance with requirements in these key areas.

Driven by technology and backed by professionals, eComply is a good way to ensure compliance and prevent it from becoming a risk. It helps in good corporate governance.

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