IFRS Transition


eTransIT is an assisted transition platform and service for transiting from Indian GAAP to IndAS or IFRS for companies required to or desirous of presenting their accounts in compliance with a globally accepted format. This can be extended to other countries as well.

Bringing together multi-functional teams and domain experts to address the wide scope of activities and aspects that IFRS touches, eTransit ensures that all essential issues are addressed in a methodical manner within a robust technology framework, certified processes and secure environment.

eTransit enables company & the advisory teams to simultaneously log-in to their respective modules and fast track the process of compliance. Data capture, query resolution, progress monitoring becomes fast & easy.

The application follows well documented procedures and checklists to ensure full, proper and complete compliance with IFRS requirements. It has a built in audit trail and facility to attach important relevant supporting documents at each stage. Journal entries for IFRS adjustments, provide a clear and easy way to track the changes. An in-built communication forum permits transmission of confidential data in a secure environment without leaking into the open email domain. Escalation matrix and business rules ensure strict adherence to timelines for a timebound work schedule.

eTransit is constantly evolving to better meet the changing requirements of disparate groups of users and captures the nuances of various industry verticals and domain experts working on them, making it an intelligent and self improving system.

eTransit is part of the eGovern suite of solutions aimed at corporate regulatory compliance advisory, business risk assessment & mitigation.

For further enquiries mail to info@penta.co.in

Link to www.egovern.in