Turnaround Consulting

Through our Turnaround Consulting practice, Penta Consulting offers critical assistance to companies who are under-performing, in crisis or “healthy with underperforming divisions. Working directly with company management, Penta Consulting helps stabilize financial and operational performance by developing and implementing comprehensive profitability and working capital plans. Penta Consulting’s involvement reassures creditors that the company is taking important steps to address its problems and maximize its value. Penta Consulting also identifies opportunities for business growth & assists in developing business growth plans

Penta Consulting’s Turnaround Practice provides services which include:

  • Addressing liquidity concerns & implementing cash conservation guidelines and controls
  • Stabilizing core operations
  • Addressing employee issues & development of employee incentive plans
  • Business plan development & Financial projections review
  • Identification and disposition of non-core assets
  • Development and review of cost reduction initiatives
  • Assisting management with implementing operational restructuring
  • Managing creditor communication and negotiation processes
  • Ongoing communications processes with key constituencies

How can Penta Consulting help ?

  • Analysis of the industry
  • Make recommendations for strategic changes to improve operating efficiency
  • Recommend methods for improving corporate structure
  • Review of current operating markets
  • Projections of future performance
  • Analysis of potential plans of reorganization /business process re engineering
  • Review of profit centers
  • Preparation of cost/pricing analyses
  • Identification of new profitable areas / markets for business