Where are you on the technology curve?

  • Worldover, businesses that have adopted technology properly have grown exponentially. HAVE YOU?
  • National boundaries are rapidly getting blurred or obliterated as businesses go global. Even small businesses. Today it is not unusual to have a small business unit being an important supplier to a global major located on another continent.
  • Complexities in business are growing requiring attention to many areas and compliance with many norms. Good MIS help in collecting, organizing and managing relevant information and making it contribute usefully to your decision making.
  • Pressure on efficiency, quality and speed of response have made automation on the shopfloor and essential competitive requirement.
  • Identify areas where business processes can be realigned for greater productivity and assist you in such change
  • Identify areas where automation can help reduce costs, increase productivity, increase quality and increase efficiencies
  • Develop frameworks for Management Information Systems, advise on and assist in implementation of applications which can drive your business decisions
  • Assist in selection of platforms (Hardware & Software) and applications

The challenges every business faces today are more complicated than ever. To be successful in today’s electronic global business environment, your organization must be market-focused, responsive, agile, knowledge-based, and efficient. Penta Consulting is uniquely positioned to help you succeed. We provide the tools, methodologies, expertise, and perspectives to accelerate your growth and enable change.

Our technology consulting services include :

  • Information Technology Plan
  • Assesment of information use and management
  • Technical project monitoring & reporting
  • Evaluation of technology and compatibility of JV partner
  • Evaluation of suppliers, products, services
  • Analysis of e-business strategies
  • Technology Startup Consulting
  • Web strategy consulting