Performance Improvement

Take an organisational health check

  • Is your organization performing to its best potential? What are your true strengths and how can you capitalize on it?
  • Where is the ‘Achilles heel ‘ the weak spot of your organization and how can you address this weakness?
  • Are you addressing the most profitable markets for your products or services?
  • What can hurt your business and how to protect against business threats?

We can help you

  • Penta Consulting can be the 3rd eye of your organization, from the outside looking in to identify areas of improvement and inside looking out to scan the business environment & identify growth areas and guard against threats
  • How an organization responds to situations, makes the difference between success & failure, both in the short and long term.

Penta Consulting’s 5 step performance improvement process model

  • Identify an area for performance improvement. Our consultants identify ailing performance areas with the help of a business self-assesment questionnaire that the client fills up
  • Measurement, benchmarking and setting trends. In this stage our consultants engage in client discussions to identify and document performance measurement, benchmarks to compare performance improvement and taking cognizance of the existing business industry trends and economic climate of the industry. Benchmarks are also done after in depth research and competitior analysis.
  • Identifying strategies, tools and processes to bring about perfomance improvement in selected business areas. Industry best practices and examples of industry best practice improvements are considered before drawing up the relevant strategy for performance improvement
  • Implementing the strategies, tools and techniques drawn out in the previous steps
  • Feedback is measured. Actual results are compared with the benchmarks and peformance measurement points identified earlier. Continue iterations for improving the performance further.