Medical Device Advisory

Technology Consulting / advisory services for medical device companies


The Indian medical device industry has entered a period of unprecedented growth. This is significantly fuelled by the rapid economic growth rate, rise of the middle class segment combined with a vastly underserved market form the healthcare perspective

The device industry is being continually challenged to leverage newer technology towards products that address the specific requirements of the Indian healthcare industry.

Some of the specific areas which need to be addressed are

  • Extreme price sensitivity of the Indian market
  • Requirements of robust products considering the challenging environmental conditions
  • Lack of adequately trained care provider staff
  • Lack of patient paying capacity in some markets

Our Value Proposition

Penta Consulting is leveraging globally developed cutting edge technology to address the specific needs of the Indian healthcare market.

The sources of technology which are being developed are

  • Established global medical device companies
  • Startup medical device companies with novel technologies
  • Leading universities
  • Government / defense / space laboratories

Understanding your currently addressed market segments, future roadmap and product / market segment adjacencies, we will provide you access to leading cutting edge and proven technologies which can drive the growth of your product pipeline.

The major benefits realized by medical device companies are

  • Easy and timely access to leading technology
  • No need to invest in technology development, thereby eliminating risks
  • Faster time to market
  • Entire technology acquisition life-cycle starting from acquisition to negotiation and funding life-cycle managed / advised by Penta Consulting
  • Flexible payment models including pay-as-you-go ( royalty) based payments
  • You know your customers’ needs best. Instead of trying to fit products designed for the developed markets you just leverage core technologies and build relevant products for your own markets

Our services

  • Technology scanning
  • Technology mining
  • Technology audit of your existing products
  • Assessment of prospective technologies
  • Comparative technical evaluation of alternate technologies
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Business case development for PE / VC funding including assistance in raising funds
  • Negotiations with technology providers
  • Coordinating technology development efforts ( sponsored research with leading academic institutions in the US )

Our engagement models

  • Retainer based advisory services
  • Directed search for specific technology solutions
  • Proactive propositioning of relevant technology / product know-how from our tech-bank
  • Coordinating technology development efforts ( sponsored research with leading academic institutions in the US )

Our Team

  • 25 years of medical device industry experience in India and the US
  • Specific expertise in the areas of cardiology, radiology and in-vitro diagnostics
  • Deep experience in selling products to the Indian market in all its sectors
  • Experience in providing product realization services to leading global medical device companies
  • Well networked with leading clinicians
  • Developed and successfully marketed a range of innovative medical device in India
  • Strategic industry-wide network
  • Multi-disciplinary functional teams
  • Presence in India & the USA through our associate company
  • Strong process & technology backbone

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