Business Consulting


The business landscape today is changing rapidly, and with it, competition is continuing to increase. The job of business managers and top executives is tougher than ever before. To be ahead in the race one needs to outsmart the competition with sharper strategies and skills, offer new and innovative products and services, increase business productivity, find new customers, tap into new markets, and innovate continuously.

Penta consulting is a full-service growth consulting company dedicated to helping your company increase business productivity, increase profitability and leverage technology to differentiate strategically; thereby increasing sales revenue and market share, and creating an innovative culture that can sustain it. Instead of just providing the typical, temporary “quick fix”, Penta Consulting helps companies achieve excellent results today, and build the foundation for sustaining profitable growth tomorrow.

Want your business to grow?

  • Do you want to expand your capacities, enhance your product range?
  • Do you want to enter new markets in India & abroad?
  • Do you want to enter new areas of business or start a new product line?
  • Do you have a great product / idea and want to grow it?

We can help you

  • Penta Consulting works with the management in providing workable concepts & practical steps. It also directs the implementation to achieve the desired goals
  • Online involvement of Penta Consulting ensures close monitoring of the progress of the project for verifiable achievements, as also bring about necessary course corrections closest to the events

Click on the links below to read how Penta Consulting contributed to Business growth of companies:

  • Business restructuring of a large business house from 72 companies to 3 companies
  • Business growth through overseas Acquisitions and Joint Venture ( JV) in Africa
  • Business growth through new vertical market entry in Minerals & Mining