Aviation Infrastructure

India follows the ICAO guidelines in Civil Aviation regulation and Penta Consulting has a excellent teams in India & abroad, addressing various aspects of the rotor wing infrastructure processes.

Penta Consulting and its associates have the necessary expertise to handle such complex assignments and has already addressed several clients for surface and rooftop helipads in Pune & Mumbai and is responding to requirements in several other states. Click here for information on completed projects.

Penta Consulting has partnered with Helipad Consulting of Germany who have wide ranging experience in Europe and other countries for design & development of rooftop, elevated, floating and surface helipads on ICAO guidelines. Please visit http://www.helipad-consulting.de/english/index-uk.htm

We have a clear understanding of the regulatory and design aspects to assist your organisation. We work closely with end users, architects and contractors to achieve our focus of ‘safety first’ in civil aviation. Penta Consulting caters to most aspects of Aviation infrastructure for Helicopters. We provide turnkey consulting and implementation services for helipads, heliports, small airstrips, etc.

Heliports & Airstrips

With the increasing use of helicopters and smaller aircrafts on regional routes and smaller towns, there is a great need and demand for well designed and constructed heliports and airstrips which meet the stringent DGCA and ICAO norms.

Rooftop & on-ground helipads

One of the primary advantages of helicopters is the ability to land nearer to the desired destination. However, in the interests of safety of passengers, aircraft, people and assets on the ground, certain safety criteria are prescribed and have to be met. Specialised designs and construction formats are used for rooftop helipads and certain design features need to be built into ground helipads. All of which have to meet stringent DGCA norms which follow the ICAO guidelines. Penta Consulting has handled rooftop helipads in Mumbai and on ground helipads elsewhere in India.

Poonawalla Group’s Manjri Helipad at Pune has got its operational approval from DGCA in June 2012. This makes it the first fully approved helipad in the Pune region. Penta Consulting has provided the advisory and assistance for Manjri Helipad at Pune.

Penta Consulting will be offering aluminum profile helipads from Helitecnica of Spain, in India. These are ideal for retro-fitting on buildings, for which no provision was made for a rooftop helipad earlier, but can safely accommodate one. For your aviation infrastructure needs contact us.

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