Penta Consulting has introduced

an aviation software on the SaaS model for aviation charter services. Backed by an excellent group of aviation professionals and a multi-disciplinary team, this application helps operators maximise their productivity and profitability. is an aviation charter platform aimed at better enabling charter flying operations in India.

It helps users in the following ways.

For clients-

  • By providing access to a wide range of airplanes & helicopters belonging to various operators across India, as per their requirements
  • Make it easier for them to quickly check availability of aircraft on desired dates, times, locations
  • Get a quick estimate / quote for their desired flight program
  • Make it easier to book flights, make payments, cancel flights, get refunds, etc in a secure environment and platform
  • Get alerts regarding the flights, weather at their destination, etc.
  • Print boarding passes, make special requests to operators, etc
  • Get to know about special offers, discounts, packages, etc.

For non-scheduled operators and aircraft owners, will

  • Push their available flights and unsold inventory of flying hours proactively to brokers and clients.
  • Make it easier for customers and brokers to book their aircraft
  • Make receiving charter payments and refunds convenient and automated
  • Enable customers to get alerts, boarding passes, weather information, etc.
  • Automate a lot of tasks currently being performed by the operator’s staff on a piecemeal basis using calculators and excel sheets.
  • Provide vital statistics of customer bookings, usage, etc to help operator plan their aviation operations more effectively.
  • Get a ready to use advanced technology platform without investing any money
  • Build up a effective database of operational information to drive business profitably.

For charter brokers, will

  • Give them a quick and ready view of available aircraft for their clients requirements
  • Give quick estimates of flights time, distances, costs, etc
  • Get to know about ferry flights, special offers, discounts, packages, etc.’s flexible search options enables users to browse aircrafts, helicopters, as per requirements and to get the best offers and deals. It is becoming charter aviations’ preferred connect point for customers, brokers and operators and to providing users with the best service levels to make their work and life easier. has several operators working towards creating a healthy environment for operators and travellers to be in a win-win situation.