CSR @ Penta

The Directors and team members take corporate social responsibility (CSR) quite seriously and team members’ @penta proactively engage in socially relevant causes and work. Several of our team members also work pro-bono on mentoring activities for youngsters and work on social organisations and trusts which address the needs of thousands of people. Some hold Trusteeship and Office bearer positions on well known charitable organisations / trusts.

Donations are given to deserving students from economically backward sections of society. A doctoral student is doing her MS in research on oncology in the USA with a high grade point score. Several doctoral students are completing their work & thesis on water management and environment issues in India. Contributions are also made to the living expenditure of several such students through relevant & recognised organisations.

Green @ Penta

Penta Consulting is located in the city of Pune, India which enjoys temperate climate for a large part of the year. Penta advocates & practices the use of eco friendly open architecture and passive cooling. Air conditioning is restricted to certain parts of the office and during specific months of the year.

The office harvests rain water, uses vermiculture for bio-degradable waste, uses low power consuming CFL & LED lighting fixtures, 3 star+ rated air conditioners, uses solar heating for water, has installed solar photo voltaic panels for the electricity needs of the office.

Art @ Penta

The Directors and team member’s@penta are avid appreciators of art and the office has a collection of paintings, carvings and art from various parts of the world, where work has taken them. Coal & wood carvings from the Congo, silk & batik paintings from the far east & China, boomerangs from Australia are just some of them. Wall art greets you on your entry to the office.

Penta had co-sponsored the exhibition of upcoming impressionist artist Balasaheb Abhang at the Jehangir Art Gallery, along with the KK Nag Foundation, in his initial years. The artist now commands a good following and his art is sold to clients across the globe.